Choose from a Large Selection of Restaurant Consumables for your Foodservice Business

Food & Beverage Consulting

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Is your food service program being managed properly?

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How does your operation stack up against similar institutions around the country?

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Contract Compliance

Is the contract with your foodservice provider complex?

How can we drive profitable growth and effectively manage our costs?

25 Years of Experience

HIS has experience working with both self-operated and managed food service programs. Each style of operation comes with its own benefits and challenges, but we can help you identify what is most important for you and how to get from here to there. Our assessment process includes an evaluation of your food service program from both an operational and financial perspective and can help you to determine the optimal structure for your business.

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Professional Plans

  • Capital investment costs compilation / calculation.
  • 7-year financial forecasting for multiple scenarios with turnover assumptions, burn rate, break-even point.
  • Global benchmarks and best practices.
  • Strategic positioning.
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    Expert Consulting

  • SWOT & Feasibility studies with demand analysis.
  • Geographical development strategies.
  • Corporate and legal structure advising.
  • Financial funding sourcing support.
  • Stakeholders’ schemes and cap table study.
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