The Process


The Operations Consulting Process
  • Definition of the current situation, problem statement, and desired situation and goals by the management team. A SWOT analysis can also be performed on the firm or operation in this stage.
  • Data collection and analysis, this may include interaction with employees by tools such as employee surveys and different stakeholders including process evaluation with tools such as process flow charts
  • Develop draft solutions through analysis and application of operational and lean concepts and techniques
  • Presentation of draft solutions to management and employees
  • Preparation of final solution, performance management KPI's and execution schedule
  • Implement execution schedule and collect data on changes or project execution
  • Prepare final report, findings and learnings from the consulting engagement
Book Consultation
Professional Plans

  • Capital investment costs compilation / calculation.
  • 7-year financial forecasting for multiple scenarios with turnover assumptions, burn rate, break-even point.
  • Global benchmarks and best practices.
  • Strategic positioning.
  • Book Consultation
    Expert Consulting

  • SWOT & Feasibility studies with demand analysis.
  • Geographical development strategies.
  • Corporate and legal structure advising.
  • Financial funding sourcing support.
  • Stakeholders’ schemes and cap table study.
  • Book Consultation