Let us create the perfect concept

Concept Creation

Your Vision

You have some really great ideas and need comprehensive support. What you need is a competent person to talk to, who has all the necessary know-how.

Tailor-made Concept

We will develop a perfect, tailor-made concept to suit your wishes and requirements down to the very last detail.

Project Start

You will be directly involved in developing a new content management environment with us that suits your target group and your business objectives.

Research & Development
  • Research, identify or create sustainable concepts in the food manufacturing and retail, hospitality, F&B production, services, catering and outlets, tourism and leisure fields.
  • Research on provided brief of concept.
  • Defining sustainable concepts into business models apt to further development.
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Professional Plans

  • Capital investment costs compilation / calculation.
  • 7-year financial forecasting for multiple scenarios with turnover assumptions, burn rate, break-even point.
  • Global benchmarks and best practices.
  • Strategic positioning.
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    Expert Consulting

  • SWOT & Feasibility studies with demand analysis.
  • Geographical development strategies.
  • Corporate and legal structure advising.
  • Financial funding sourcing support.
  • Stakeholders’ schemes and cap table study.
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    Supervision, advice and recommendations on branding, image and all deliverables.
  • Supervision, advice and review on layout and flow of operations in the outlet.
  • Service design / analysis.
  • Furniture, fixtures, kitchen equipment, operating equipment and utensils selection.